South Africa

South Africa

College of Business & Economics, School of Accounting, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Project Coordinator, Regional Cluster Leader, Country Coordinator, & Transitional Country Leader, Botswana & Rwanda

The University of Johannesburg (UJ)

is a leading, research-focused university in South Africa. The College of Business and Economics has significant expertise related to savings groups in the Research Unit in the School of Accounting. Specific focus on business development in Africa investigates the connection between business development, women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship and funding of SMMEs on the African continent.

Key person:

The project team of the University of Johannesburg, led by Prof. Grietjie Verhoef, as the President of the International Economic History Association, has led African scholars in various international conferences in exploring African entrepreneurship, business development and empowerment initiatives of family businesses. She has published extensively on banking and financial development in Africa, as well as on voluntary savings organizations. Her working the Research Unit at the School of Accounting engages with the strengthening of empowerment, especially of women, in the SMME enterprise environment.