Universidade Agostinho Neto

Country Coordinator

Organizational Description:

The Agostinho Neto University is regarded as the oldest and one of the most prestigious public institutions of higher education in Angola. The Agostinho Neto University is based in Luanda and was established in 1962, but its activities began in colonial period. The Agostinho Neto University exerts significant influence in all areas relating to education policy, and frequently lobbies public officials. With a large alumni, faculty, and student base, the university is often at the forefront of the debate on perennial hot-topic issues such as the country transition to market economy.

Key Person:

Afonso Zinga Zinga is an Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at the Faculty of Economics of Agostinho Neto University. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Management from the University of Coimbra. His research interests include strategy, health economics, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship policy, developing and transition economies, internationalization, growth and international development of new enterprises, networks, family business governance, and institutional theory.